Introducing NERO - Your Armor In Disguise


Let your loved ones know when you need help – share your location with them via GPS to let them find you.

We’re developing an app that can help your contacts to find you when you call for help. When you activate the Nero stone, your GPS location gets sent to your emergency contacts. It only shows your location once you’ve sent a signal, so your privacy is protected throughout the rest of your day.



Tap the necklace stone three times. A call will come from your phone – deactivate it with a pin code if you called by accident. If not, let it ring uninterrupted.


A text is sent to your emergency contacts with a message calling for help and a link to your location, updated in live-time, and a call is also placed to the authorities closest to your location.


Help is on the way! Attackers trying to deactivate your phone with the wrong pin will be photographed by the app.

Your Armour In Disguise

We believe that anyone should have a quick way to call for help, no matter where they are. No one should feel unsafe in their community, and that’s why we created Nero – a smart jewelry line that allows you to call for help at the tap of a button. We believe that smart jewelry can be elegant and discreet, and with Nero, we have you covered.


Emergency Alerts

All Day Battery

Water Resistant

Our mission is to empower our community by creating a safer world for people to live in. Join our journey!

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A smart jewelry line that lets you call for help at the tap of a button. We are your armour in disguise!

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