Our mission is to empower our community by creating a safer world for people to live in through smart jewelry. We believe that anyone should have a quick way to call for help, no matter where they are. No one should feel unsafe in their community. Working on smart jewelry, our goal is to create an elegant and modern design that would blend in with the wearer’s day to day life. Something that the user would wear on a daily basis, something that is always there by your side to offer help if needed – your armor in disguise.

Letter From The Founders

Hello all,

Thank you for following along the story of NERO.

We began this journey with one vision – equal opportunity for all. We want to show the community, our wearers that innovators in technology keep public safety top of mind. A better world is one where physical strength doesn’t dictate who wins the game. As the human race evolves, so should the concept that brute force trumps all – that a woman versus a man must suffer to his whims. That one man will lose a fight against a masked attacker, or a gang of others. That violence can control one’s fate.

We see the tech industry, and all of the gadgets for monitoring health, heart rates, blood pressure, steps, and so on – but is that the most important innovation to cater to? Having experienced physical assault first hand, we believe in developing technology with one simple problem in mind – letting users call for help as quickly as possible. That’s it. No bells, no whistles. We can only assume the reason this device doesn’t yet exist is product designers have had the privilege of living safe lives, or not had the courage to take on such a loaded issue.

Embarking on this project is filled with many emotions. Anxiety, pressure, worries, even moments of paralysis – creating this project has been a dance with the unknown. Unknown facts, unpredictable scenarios. Indeed, there are countless types of situations where one type of response would work, another wouldn’t. We’ve surveyed people with all kinds of stories and experiences, and taken them back into our design thinking. The gem before you is the best way we’ve found to combine our existing technology with the feedback we’ve received from victims surveyed, but we are still far from reaching a perfect solution.

We believe humans must always use technology as a tool – instead of letting features overwhelm our user, we promise to always keep the user at the forefront. What makes their life easier, what makes sense for them in a quick moment of panic? A moment that can be a second long? How can a device be usable, in this scenario?

We do not and will not ever pretend that we are selling you a magic wand. This device is not a pepper spray, or a shortcut to being a martial arts master. We don’t want you to believe you’re going to be like Tomb Raider double kicking assailants in the dark alleyways at night, and that’s why we ensure in our messaging to make our abilities clear. For now, we can’t give you a space machine to take you out of harm’s way.

The best way to explain what we are? A dispatch tool at your fingertips. We help making calling for help faster and easier. We can’t guarantee a response – fast or slow. But we are doing our best at this first iteration of the hardware to take a step towards progress.

We begin with a simple concept. We know we can do better in time. The technology can improve. But for now we have what we have. Support us and we will take this first step towards experimenting, developing, studying, and improving. Because every journey begins with a first step.

Opening this company and exploring the possibility of using technology for good is a dream for us, but the responsibility we hold to you, our supporters, is one we don’t take lightly. For that reason, we welcome your feedback, opinions and suggestions at all stages. We want to be in close communication and open to any ideas you have on ways we can improve the device. If you know other individuals that may have ideas and skills in addressing this problem, please connect us – we are looking to meet people with the same vision and goals.

Invest in this stone and you invest in our quest – a quest to continue hammering and improving the ability of hardware to keep humans safe.


Georgiy & Sonya


A smart jewelry line that lets you call for help at the tap of a button. We are your armour in disguise!

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