How does the Nero work?

The Stone

The Nero stone is acrylic-coated and shatter proof. We’ve tested dropping it from 6 – 7 feet. It’s also waterproof!

Inside the stone is the smart hardware. We won’t get into all the details on how it works, but trust us, it’s really cool.

Who does it call?

Ghostbusters! Just kidding.

It calls up to 5 of your friends and, depending on where you are, the nearest security department. This includes transit police and campus police. It’ll call the police department of course, if they are closest to where you are. It’s all about getting someone on the scene as soon as possible to help you.

Battery Life

The Nero needs its beauty sleep – charge it every night for the most secure results. The app screen will also show you how full your battery life is, like so (show visual).

Motion Tracking

As you move, the Nero moves with you once signalled. If you’re in a speeding car or walking, the GPS location will move with you. If you don’t move, it stays in the same place as you.


The Nero necklace will retail for $140. It will come in sterling silver. You can choose a 34” chain, a 20” chain, and you can include a choker necklace as a bonus! It’ll compliment every outfit.

Will it drain my battery?

Nope, it runs in the background. It also automatically refreshes the version every three seconds to make sure your location is tracked but that won’t drain the battery.

Will my location be tracked all the time?

Only when you signal for help.

What if I’m feeling nervous but nothing bad has happened yet?

Tap the stone twice and an emergency contact will buzz you back to let you know they’re by their phones and ready to help if you need them.

It’s a nice way to feel supported and to know your friends are there for you.

A smart jewelry line that lets you call for help at the tap of a button. We are your armour in disguise!

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