Our Story

Our Story

Hello to our lovely followers – we’d like to thank you for following our company and your support of project Nero! We’d like to explain our roots and the early beginnings for us. We formed together in September 2017, and are proud to be launching a crowdfunding campaign this coming August.

How did it begin?

Georgiy and I met one fateful day at an incubator pitch night in Vancouver, BC. Georgiy had gone through two cohorts working on a company named Cering. I came to watch the presentation and became completely infatuated with the idea of smart jewelry being used for personal protection. Why hadn’t anyone done this before?

After a few weeks of obsessively thinking and talking to people about the idea, I asked for an introduction to Georgiy through a contact. We clicked immediately and I realized George was working on this project alone – he needed help, and I wanted to see this project take off and get into the hands of the people! I was thrilled to find a company that had the potential of combining fashion and style with technology, in a way that actually served a very clear and – in my opinion – underserviced area. I don’t know why this kind of product isn’t yet on the market – perhaps product designers that influence technology and innovation haven’t experienced threats to their personal safety, but I certainly have. Creating a product that serves my own direct needs is great – I am my own customer and I’m compelled to make something I love, and in turn I hope others will love it too. Selfish, in a way, but practical. I used to work in retail and grew up watching and loving the process of dressing up and styling myself and others. Why not apply that same skill into technology? It’s an exciting field! I see fitbit watches, and think – well, they don’t match my style much do they? I may work in tech but I don’t dress like a gadget nerd. Plus, I think it’s important for founders of the company to have experienced the problem their product is trying to solve. Though I could wish certain things never happened to me, they did – and the silver lining is I can apply those experiences to creating designs for scenarios I’ve been in.  After two meetings, Georgiy asked me to join him as a co-founder. With Georgiy’s technical skills and mine in the creative fields, we formed a small but complimentary team.

Since joining together, we’ve rebranded Cering into the catchier Nero, a play off the Italian word for “black” – to reference darkness and nighttime, when we expect this device will often be used. Making a perfect name can drive you crazy – this fit the bill for us and feels like a timeless name that can evolve to represent a product for any client, of any age or gender. We’ve had the privilege of working with a local college on the UX design for our upcoming app and have photographed the product with our friends. We’ve also ran a variety of surveys to better understand the interests, preferences and experiences of people. We’ll continue to do that to inform our designs in the future.

As we prepare to launch our crowdfunding campaign, we welcome your input and support in bringing Nero into the hands of as many people as possible. Our first product is designed for women, but the men’s line will follow next. Help us reach our goal of $50, 000 to launch the line! We’ll make the product available internationally.